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Frequently asked questions

Contact our helpdesk, with your order number, and the change needed. Your order number is found in the top-right of the certificate you received from EOI Direct. You can reach us at help@eoidirect.com or 877-456-3643.

It depends on what you order. We support a number of free options. Like all companies involved in real estate transactions, we charge fees for lender-required customizations needed to close a loan.

EOI Direct partners with insurance agencies and insurance brokers across the country serving close to 10% of all community associations nationwide. We facilitate the transfer of customized certificates of insurance to help loans close on time, reduce interest rate risk, and avoid expensive homeowner forced-placed insurance by lenders.

Registering gives you access to more free services and allows you to see details of your order/order delivery through your online account. Our helpdesk is also available (877-456-3643) to assist with phone ordering, corrections, and re-sending certificates of insurance M-F 9AM-8PM Eastern Time.

Immediately. Some free services require additional validation before they are delivered. You will be advised of this if your order requires additional information or review.

Absolutely. EOI Direct was designed specifically for lenders and real estate professionals (escrow, title, realtors, closing attorneys, as well as homeowners and property managers). We work with all the major lenders and support hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals through their online accounts and our helpdesk.

Make sure you’re checking your e-mail for a security validation link after registering. You will need to click on this link before you can log in per the instructions provided at registration. If you do not see this e-mail after registering, make sure you check your spam folder.

EOI Direct supports the current policy period for certificates of insurance. If you place your order through EOI Direct, all orders are archived so you have access to previous policy periods. If you did not obtain a certificate of insurance from EOI Direct during the policy period in question, you will need to contact the licensed agent for the previous policy period in question.

We provide certificates of insurance for community associations along with any supporting insurance information the agent of record includes with the certificate of insurance. We also provide some automated solutions for renewal certificates needed for the life of the loan to avoid forced-placed insurance lenders. Resale disclosure packages, wind mitigation forms, and elevation certificates are not supported by EOI Direct.

Some agencies provide Declaration Pages when it pertains to flood coverage. If the agency includes additional documentation, it will be delivered along with the certificate of insurance. Most insurance agencies do not provide full master policies as an industry standard.

We’re happy to answer your questions and help you get started with the EOI Direct platform. You can reach us at sales@eoidirect.com or by calling our helpdesk at 877-456-3643 to be routed to the appropriate representative.
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